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How to Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online

How do bloggers make money?
Before proceeding, it’s critical to understand how blogs make money. It’s the most frequent and common question bloggers have to face   Below I’ll cover the three high level ( though there are many options ) ways bloggers make money on the platform of digital marketing , but first there is one extremely important thing to keep in mind. No matter how you monetize a blog or website, the key to making money is traffic. And the most profitable traffic comes from search engines. Building traffic will be the topic of an entirely different article, but it’s important to keep in mind.

So how do blogs make money?   Bloggers make money in one of three ways:

Targeted advertising: advertising on digital marketing platform, like Google’s AdSense, present advertisements that are relevant to the content on the page. These types of advertisements showing on the page are easy to add to a blog and present products and services that are relevant to your readers and viewers. Bloggers typically receive a small fee/s each time a reader clicks on an advertisement. The fee/s can range from just a few cents to $20 or more depending upon the page-value and the content of the advertisement. While you may hear that not much money can be made from AdSense, don’t believe it. I’ve had months where AdSense revenue has more than paid my mortgage, and I know bloggers who make 5 figures a month with contextual ads. Besides AdSense, other targeted  advertisement networks include BidVertiser, clickaduads, Media.net, Monumetric and many more .
Targeted advertising

Selling products of other companies: This is another legitimate way of earning also known as affiliate marketing (a subsidiary group or a person), selling the products of other companies is how many bloggers make big money. The principle is simple – companies with products to sell and services to offer   will pay blogs and websites that refer it traffic that results in a sale. For example, if you have a blog about cell phones, you can join many  affiliate programs (e.g. Amazon , Godaddy, Ebay, Flipkart). When a reader clicks a link say to Amazon for products in a review you’ve written about a cell phone, you get paid if your blog visitor buys the phone. Depending on what you’re selling, the fee can be less than a dollar (e.g., a $10 book from Amazon will net you $0.40 to $.60 typically) to more than $50 (e.g., a cell phone from Amazon ) . Now just imagine you have a targeted site with great content that gets 10,000 visitors a day.

affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing
 Selling your own products or services: Some bloggers also make money selling their own products. Some write eBooks that help people solve a problem. Other bloggers build android apps for sale.  If executed well, however, selling your own products can be lucrative in the world of digital marketing.

Guide for starting Blogging for learner.
Following are the three essential steps for beginners to follow for doing online income through blogging.
Picking the right topic for your blog.
Creating the right content for your blog.
Marketing your blog.

Picking the right topic
A lot has been written and said about picking a blog topic. Some tell you to follow your passion and on the other hand, some say to create a niche site that targets a single term or keyword that people frequently search for on Google. This approach often leads to ridiculous domain choices like best-dentist-in-Delhi.
My personal opinion it’s helpful to blog about something that matches your interest and scope of work. If nothing else, you’re likely to know more about the subject.
But beyond your interest, you’ll want to understand the revenue potential of the site and how competitive the vertical is. As a general rule, the more profitable a niche the more crowded the competition.
When you start thinking about possible topics for your blog, do query yourself this question–What can I teach that others desperately want to learn? If you can answer that question and execute, you’ll have a blog with a passionate (and hopefully profitable) following.

Creating the right content
Content is the lifeblood of any blog, can say content is the KING. But we have to keep in mind, great content alone is not sufficient to build a successful blog, it is absolutely necessary. Of course, the type of content will vary based on your own writing ability, personality, and the subject matter of your site.
As a blogger at very initial stage I have to invest lot of time to build a solid foundation of content. But few well-wishers often reminds me, slow and steady wins the race.

So for the blog, picked a topic, built your site, and are on your mark for drafting well content. Post content development and posting, here comes the marketing into the picture.


The first thing to understand is that your site will most likely receive very little traffic in its early days. Marketing a website in the digital platform takes time–time to get to know other webmasters, time for others to hear about your site and value/appreciate your work, and so on. On a minimum side, you have to put in six months of hard work consistently before seeing results. And this hard work is continuous process.
Second, do not relate marketing with search engine optimization (SEO for short).  It’s a big mistake. SEO is the process of getting a website to rank well in search engines. While SEO is an extremely important part of marketing a website, it’s not the only piece of the puzzle. Eric Ward, who is a recognized expert at getting backlinks (links from other sites that point to your site), recommends going about link building as if search engines didn’t exist. In other words, does the link you’re trying to get from a website have value apart from its potential to improve your rankings in search engines? If the answer is no, the link isn’t worth your time and likely will not carry SEO benefits.

Marketing Tips-

Get to know your community: If you start a blog about cricket, you should research the top cricket blogs, websites, and forums. These research give you ideas about your own site, and will also give you a list of sites and webmasters relevant to your site’s topic. Part of promoting your own site is engaging in the online discussion, and you can’t do that if you don’t know your community.

Get to know relevant reporters: One of the best ways to market your blog is get a link from mainstream media. The level of difficulty depends in part on the topic of your site and your expertise in that field. Portal like Google News and Google Alerts, keep track of the reporters that write stories relevant to your topic. Also look for ways to help these reporters. Whether its information or data relevant to their field, or perhaps a story idea or any learning based information, you’ll find many reporters who are engaged online. Also, sign up for HARO (Help a Reporter). You’ll receive daily emails listing stories reporters are working on who are in need of an expert in the relevant field.

Publish a guest post: A guest post is an article you write for another blog or website. In exchange for free great content, the webmaster will include at least one link back to your site. If you decide to write a guest post, keep three things in mind: (1) Seek to publish guest posts on the top sites relevant to your niche; (2) Recognize that you may get a lot of rejections before you find a site that will publish your article; and (3) when you do get your chance, make sure the article is your very best work.

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