nanotechnology for water filter


nanotechnology for water filter

We drink water to live. However, we tend to take it on  lighter sides  that what it takes to create it clean — or what proportion of the planet struggles to search out drinkable water.


As deficiency becomes a bigger issue round the world, the water treatment trade — expected to be price quite $38 billion by 2025 — is searching for new solutions. Here, engineering science — hyper-small scale school on the dimensions of individual molecules — is breaking new ground and reworking however this liquid is filtered and pure.


The Growing Need for Clean Water


By 2025, about two-thirds of all humans in the world are predicted to stay in water-scarce conditions. Other estimates exhibit the fashion isn’t probably to reverse and that with the aid of the center of the century, extensive populations should have difficult situation gaining access to smooth water.


New filtration techniques should exchange this.


The most frequent techniques of water remedy — filtering, ion-exchange, reverse osmosis, evaporation and micro- or ultra-filtration — are effective, however require excessive quantities of energy. In some cases, they even want giant portions of chemical cure agents. These chemical compounds have to be produced in areas with industrial infrastructure and transported to rural areas — which is no longer constantly handy or possible. Cheap and transportable options that can filter even small quantities of water don’t usually grant the excessive stage of filtration wished to cast off particles like dirt and sediment or viruses and bacteria.


A lack of purification technological know-how additionally leaves these barring smooth water susceptible to the fitness consequences of consuming poisonous chemical substances and micro plastics, which can be current in locations the place drinkable water is the scarcest.


These populations are some of the most susceptible — and the most in want of cost effective and transportable solutions. Nanotechnology ought to be the answer.


 Water can be polluted in many exceptional methods — via (effluent of Industries, sewerage of Municipalities, pesticides & percolation of dumped chemical compounds including sludge of petro-products are mainly the culprits). Each of these pollution can be of many sizes, and they can be separate from or completely blended with the water. Not each filtration technique offers whole purification.


Traditional water purification structures require a sure quantity of water to work. Because nanotech purification structures work at the Nano-level, they ought to be relevant to even small quantities of water. This will be specifically beneficial in the rural or difficult-to-access areas most in all likelihood to be affected with the aid of scarcity.


Many of these new nanotechnologies can additionally be integrated into current water filtration systems.

 An adult Human on an average needed water approx. 150 to 300liters per day. We can say in summer the minimum consumption of a person (in his house / flat) could be 175 liters on Sundays & Holidays. 

Where as many a building & complexes offer this water from Bore-well. Which is full of IRON, Hardness & other Constituents, in all called TDS. In case of cities, the water mainly comes from River / Lake, supplied after treating sediment, silts & germs mainly. But far better than Bore-well water, due to very high TDS (which may be anything above 500 ppm to 2000 ppm), in & around Cities in India.


Whereas in the cities post water treatment the TDS comes around 60 ppm to 500 ppm. Although River water has TDS not more than 150 ppm. But during distribution to the City through Pipelines, water pressure reduces. To compensate the same, bore-well water is mixed in the distribution system, ON-LINE.  


Let’s know little bit about TDS within the scope of this article.


Water performs a vital function in preserving you hydrated and assist your organs characteristic smoothly.  However, there are a wide variety of elements that you want to take a look at while consuming water such as the TDS level. The purity of water that you drink is very carefully related with the TDS level. The water you drink desires to steady quantity of minerals to keep away from any fitness problems. Excess amount of minerals in water can overload your physique and make you unhealthy.


What is the Minimum Level of TDS in Drinking Water?


According to the Bureau of Indian Standards, the perfect TDS for consuming water wants to be under 300mg/L whereas the most permissible restriction is 600 mg/L. The lack of easy ingesting water, which is one of the predominant hassle in India, is one of the important motives humans drink water with excessive TDS level. The consuming water TDS Chart cited beneath will supply you with a better thought about the TDS of consuming water and its quality.


Though it is now not very hazardous to drink water with excessive TDS level, there are some motives it is undesirable to drink excessive TDS water. Some of the motives are:

High stage of TDS in consuming water makes it bitter, salty and metallic.


Water with excessive TDS degree doesn’t quench your thirst.

High TDS degree in water additionally interferes with the style of foods, beverages.
Some of the salts current in water such as nitrates, sodium, barium, calcium and fluoride lead to a quantity of fitness problems.

nanotechnology for water filter

Now the question arises with the drawbacks of this high TDS in everyday life mentioned above, what are the effective but simple solution against the Bore-well water? Where IRON, HARDNESS & Other constituents of TDS create many a problem. The solutions are mainly Water Filter, for Flat or small Individual house. Although the question is who will maintain.

As in many a case (More the affluent family) costly Bathroom Fittings, Tiles & Ceramic materials, Geyser, Washing machine, in the kitchen Water Purifier, Dish Washer & many more either get choked, scaled, lost its GLAZE, & LIFE. Ultimately require frequent servicing of Water Filter.

Although ALFA-UV, AQUA-GUARD, KENT offer domestic water softener / filter to counter this type of problem, but they also add maintenance like salt regeneration & replacement of resin, though mostly they are automatic.

Even then Water Quality varies.

What else? The answer is NANO-TREATMENT on ECOIST water filter.

nanotechnology for water filter

Like ECOIST, the filter takes care of Scaling property of hardness forming compound, will remove Iron & other non-dissolved constituents of water.

This treated water gives soothing effect during bath as well. No Scaling, No Chocking of Bathroom Fittings, Garments will not lose its softness & glossiness, water Purifier, Geyser, Washing Machine, Dish-Washer will run without any hiccups, No dirty Stain in toilets or sinks & so on. Your plants, garden will grow little fast, health of pets will be better . 

nanotechnology for water filter

The maintenance is simple Back-Wash.

So how does it work? The Nano cartridge in ECOIST simply change the Nano-structure of Scale forming compounds along with other constituents, n Organic (for Municipal) or Inorganic (for bore-well) water. 2nd step is arresting the “Now” undissolved solids, & 3rd step is polishing the final water.

So where this undissolved solids will go? Simple Back-Wash.

Where to fix this ECOIST -- in the input line of Bathroom or Kitchen before distribution starts.

nanotechnology for water filter

nanotechnology for water filter




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