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Affiliate Marketing

 Hi friends. In today’s post we will learn about the “Affiliate Marketing”.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money from the Internet. By starting affiliate marketing, you can earn money from online internet sitting at your home. If you are an internet user, then you can make a good income online by becoming an Affiliate marketer where you have to sell the product or service of a company or an organization.
Through this post, I will share the complete information about what is affiliate marketing, and how to start affiliate marketing. This will help any newbie to earn money online by starting affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing is a process of online marketing on which someone takes an affiliate partnership/membership of any brand and purchases their products. And when someone does some research on your recommendation, you get the commission. Depending on the product you are promoting, the commission can be from $ 1 to $ 1000.
The commission that is in Affiliate varies from product to product. So if we get the percentage of the product that is on a product, then it is fixed on someone.

Now suppose you have a platform where a lot of people are connected to you. So you can give them the product of their work or of their use. So if they (potential buyers) click on your link and buy that product then you will get its commission.

To understand how affiliate marketing works, let's say you have a website/blog. And you have written an article on it about a product. So you can add affiliate link for that product in it.
Now if someone comes to your site, click on your affiliate link and buy that product. So that sell will be tracked at affiliate site. That a user came visited your website/blog who bought that product. After that you will get whatever commission is for that product.

The important question in Affiliate Marketing is how does the company track who has sold the product by sending traffic?
So its answer is that in affiliate marketing you get a unique URL from which the company easily tracks. And they come to know that you have sold the product through website or any other way.
If you say in simple terms, then many online companies that sell products like mobile, web-hosting or some other service. It offers affiliate programs. You can sign up to simply these programs and take affiliate links. Then when you write something about their product, you can use affiliate link.
All affiliate programs have a cookie period of 60 days. Meaning when someone visits the sales page from your special affiliate link. And if viewer buy something from affiliate URL within 60 days, you will get his commission.
And to promote their products on affiliate program, you provide affiliate link, banner. Which you have to add to your blog and website.
Affiliate marketing definitions
Definition In order to understand marketing better, whatever you use in it, you should know and what they mean.
Affiliates: Those people are called affiliates who join an affiliate program and promote their product. And by selling the product, they earn money on the basis of commission. For example, if you have a website and you are promoting affiliate link of a product on it, then you will also be called affiliate.
Affiliate Marketplace: There are some companies that offer affiliate programs of different products are called affiliate marketplace.
Affiliate ID: Each affiliate is given a unique ID by affiliate programs, so that its link is tracked. That unique id is called Affiliate Id.
Affiliate Link: Whenever we generate a link to promote a product, that link is called affiliate link. Each link has our unique affiliate id.
Commission: All the affiliate products that we get for selling are commission only. This can vary by product and category.
Link Clocking: Whenever we create affiliate link of a product, it is very long, which is difficult to share and remember. So that link is shortened with the help of a link management service, it is called Link Clocking.
Affiliate Manager: Some affiliate programs have a manager to help their affiliate (i.e us). Who helps us in knowing the new offer and if we face any problem?
Payment Mode: You must have understood this. We will get commission and how can we take payment modes like Check, Wire Transfer, PayPal etc.
Payment Threshold: Whatever we earn commission by selling the product, its minimum should be when we can take payment that is the payment threshold. This can be different for each affiliate program.

 Popular Affiliate Marketing Sites

Affiliate Marketing

There are many such affiliate marketing sites. Where you can start affiliate marketing by joining.
Some of the best and reliable affiliate marketing company names mentioned below
Amazon Affiliate
Flipkart Affiliate
Snapdeal Affiliate
Commission junction
ebay affiliate


How to select Affiliate product
 To promote an affiliate product, you have to select that. Which you can promote. So you can share information about any tech related product in it. And to buy that product, you can give its affiliate link in the video description or on your blog too. Meaning you have to select the products, the field you are from and the audience you are interested in.
Just like if you are a blog related to blogging, then you will have to join the theme, hosting affiliate program and promote their product.
If your blog is related to beauty then you have to promote beauty product.
If you have a Motivational blog, then you can promote Motivational books, audios, videos.

Best Affiliate Program Network to Join
If we talk about the best affiliate program, then there are many affiliate programs available, which we can earn by joining. But if you are new in affiliate marketing then you do not have to work at all together. You have some popular affiliate programs.
If you are from India and you want to promote physical product, then you can join amazon affiliate program or Flipkart affiliate program.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any query related to affiliate marketing. We will try our level best to post reply on your query to help you out.

Affiliate Marketing