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Why Digital Marketing Is Important

In today's era, whether you are doing any kind of business; Digital marketing is an essential step to promote your products so that the business can grow.
Digital marketing platform provides a less expensive and easier than orthodox methods of marketing. In the orthodox ways of marketing, we have no control over who is watching our ad, on the other hand, through digital marketing, we can reach a very narrowly targeted audience.
In the orthodox methods of marketing (eg TV, Radio), we need a very strong budget which is often in the millions. While this is not the case with digital marketing. We can start digital marketing with a few hundred rupees as well.
Nowadays online viewers are increasing day by day, so for the growth of our business, it is important that we start digital marketing but only a little.

Digital marketing , in its simplest form can be explained as a means for marketing your products and services using the internet and digital media as the medium. 

digital marketing

The current health pandemic crisis forcibly changing how businesses market products and services, digital marketing strategies are sprouting like mushrooms. Digital or online marketing peaks because of community quarantines and lockdowns set in place with great uncertainties as to when businesses can go back to pre-COVID19 condition or whether it’s still possible.
In this post, you’ll learn expert marketing tips to help your business grow.
Digital marketing always includes social media, even during its primitive stages. Marketers have discovered the power of social media in marketing because of increased customer engagement.
Social media networks make up today’s socializing amidst the isolation brought about by strict community quarantines.
In today's internet world, Digital Marketing is such a fancy word by using which you can easily make an impression on your colleagues in the office.

For most of us, the term 'digital marketing' is not very old. Most of the people came to know about digital marketing when internet became an essential part of their life.

The term began to become more popular after the year 2000. After the development of search engine, social media, apps etc. in the Internet, the term became common to people.

In this article, we have talked about things related to digital marketing like what is digital marketing, how to do it and how to earn money from digital marketing. So if you are also interested in Digital Marketing then read this post carefully.

What is digital marketing?

1.     Meaning of Digital Marketing.

In the last few years you must have noticed that many companies have reduced the hoarding on the roadside.
The reason is "Digital Marketing emerging as a good, cheap and effective medium of advertisement".
As the name it-self suggests, digital marketing means -
 To promote something through digital mediums (or electronic devices).

The promotion of something through digital medium i.e. phone, computer, tablet, internet, social media is called Digital Marketing.

It is worth noting that TV and Radio Marketing do not come under digital marketing, they are under traditional marketing. Digital marketing mostly covers things related to the Internet.
For example, the SMS of the people of the company keeps coming on our phones and ads are coming on YouTube. All these things are a part of digital marketing itself.

digital marketing

About digital marketer?

Digital marketers speak of a person who specializes in digitally promoting things. Who knows how to get a website ranked in a good position in Google /search engines and how to bring traffic to a site..

2.     Digital Marketing Examples:

We often see many examples of digital marketing in our everyday life. Some of which are-
Promotional messages from the company on the phone.
Ads on social media like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Ads on YouTube.
Ads appearing when visiting a website or blog. The top ads appear when searching on Google.
Paid promotion of products and services in YouTube videos. Emails from companies.

3.     Types of Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is not a single thing but it is a combination of many different things. It is not possible to write about each of these things, but these are some things without which digital marketing is incomplete.

Digital marketing can be of two types - online digital marketing and offline digital marketing.

Online Digital Marketing

Internet is involved in this digital marketing. It is also called Internet Marketing.
Following points are covered under online digital marketing-

Content Marketing - Marketing done by providing quality content to people and winning their trust is called Content Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - The techniques that are used to rank first in Google without advertisement are combined together called SEO.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - Like SEO, SEM is also used to get good ranking among search engines. The only difference is that SEM has to spend money while SEO is done without any expense.

Blogging - The way of marketing by writing content on a blog is called blogging.

Video Marketing - Marketing of something through video is called video marketing.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) - SMM is a technique of digital marketing in which social media is used.

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC Marketing) - This is an Ad Marketing Model in which the company pays the publisher according to the per click.

Affiliate Marketing - Nowadays one of the best ways of marketing is - Affiliate Marketing. In this, companies pay people (Affiliates) according to sales. That is, if a person sells a product or service of the company, then the company gives him some% commission.

Email Marketing - Email marketing is the way of marketing by sending emails to people by collecting email.

Instant Messaging Marketing - This method of marketing is quite new. In this, people can subscribe to a website on their messengers apps such as Facebook Messenger.

Offline Digital Marketing

Apart from internet, digital marketing can also be done in many offline ways-

Phone Message (SMS) - There will be many types of promotional SMS on your phone number too. This is also a kind of digital marketing technique (offline).

Radio Advertisement- Radio marketing is done under offline digital marketing. Although many people do not consider it digital marketing, they count it in traditional marketing.

Television Advertisement - This is marketing done through TV. However, many people do not consider it digital marketing.

Phone Call (Phone Call) - Many times companies also do marketing by calling people, this is called Phone Call Marketing.

This is a digital electronic billboard used for digital marketing.

Electronic Billboards Advertisement - Nowadays many companies promote by placing electronic hoardings. This is also a kind of digital marketing.


Benefits of Digital Marketing:
Benefits of digital marketing are many-fold .Here are the benefits of using digital marketing properly -
Digital marketing can be started with very little budget. You can start doing digital marketing with 50 or even 100 INR.
With digital marketing, we can reach product ads only and only to those people who really need our products or services. Whereas this is not possible in traditional marketing.
Digital marketing is easy to do. Also, we can easily make necessary changes in the digital marketing campaign.
Conversion rate is often good in digital marketing. That is, people quickly become customers.

Digital marketing is the future of marketing.

5.     Key terms related to digital marketing

There are few words/terms related to digital marketing that confuse many people and newcomers in digital marketing must be aware of these words. Here are some such Hot Digital Marketing Terms-

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - SEO is the technique of ranking a website in good position in search engines.

ROI (Return on Investment) - The amount of money the company gets in revenue compared to the money spent on marketing is called ROI. For example, if you spend 1000 rupees on marketing and you get a profit of 2000 rupees then your ROI becomes 100%.

PPC (Pay per Click) - The amount of payment a company has to pay to a publisher when it is clicked on an Ad is called Pay per Click. This is called Cost per Click (CPC) from the publisher side.

CTR (Click through Rate) - The percentage of people who see total is the CTR of the people who click on something.

Sponsorship- Sponsorship means getting your marketing done by paying money to an influencer. For example, you can get your business marketed by paying money to a big blogger or Youtuber.

Bounce Rate - The percentage of people who visit your website and  go out of your website after reading only one page is called 'bounce rate'. For example, if 100 people come to your website and 60 of them leave after reading only one page, then the bounce rate of your site in this condition will be 60%.

Landing Page- When you send people to your website through digital marketing, after clicking on your link, the first page of your website opens and shows people, speaking the landing page of the website. Huh. Landing page means the page on which people land.

Keyword- Topic is called keyword in internet language.

Clickbait- The use of wrong methods to get people to click on your website is called clickbait.

Content- In simple words, the thing by which people get information is called Content.

Backlink - When a website receives a link to our site, it is called a backlink.

Domain Authority (DA) - We are aware of how much respect a website has in Google's eyes.

Alexa Rank- Alexa Rank shows which site is the number one in the world in terms of popularity.

digital marketing

6.     How to do digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a convenient and innovative way to promote your brand. In a 2014 study, about 81 percent of consumers research online before buying, and 60 percent use search engines. Through Google Ads, you can present your business better to your target audience, driving sales, and overall business growth.
Doing digital marketing can prove to be very beneficial for your business, provided it is done in legitimate ways. These are some steps that you can use to make your digital marketing campaign successful-

 Define Your Goals
Marketing of anything cannot happen unless you are certain of what your objective is to do marketing. So first decide why you want to do marketing, what are your goals?
Suppose that if you are marketing your website, then you may want to increase traffic to your website. Maybe you want to sell something on your website. Maybe you just want to tell people about your website (brand awareness) or maybe you want to increase your email list, the purpose of your marketing.

Choose Your Target Audience -
Once you specified your marketing goal, then it is the turn - to determine your targeted audience.
For example, if you have a perfume business, then your target audience might be something like this-
Age- 10 to 40 Year
Interest- Makeup, Perfume, etc.

In this, you have to choose the audience that is best for you.
Choose the right platform-

Different types of people have options to choose different platforms.

For example, most people associated with Fashion, Acting and Modeling use Instagram. People associated with politics and corporate steering committee use Twitter more. At the same time, business people have tendency to use LinkedIn more.
This way you have to see which platform your target audience uses the most. For example, if you want to market your cosmetics business, then Instagram can be a good platform for you.

Make your profile and website correct-
If you want to send people to your social pages through marketing, then setup your social accounts properly before placing Advertisements. Put the right credentials and links in them so that people don't have any problem.

Apart from this, if you want to send people to your website, then set your landing page (the page of the website that people will see first after clicking) correctly. Make it attractive and easy.

Do Keyword Research
If you want to advertise in Google, then do keyword research. Find out what and how people find things related to the topic of your business.

Set Your Budget
Determine exactly how much money you want to spend to market your business digitally. Also, be certain about how long you want to run your marketing campaign.

Apply Ads-
One of the most important step is to place advertisements. Customize your ads well. Keep them attractive. Pay special attention to copywriting.

Track & Do Analysis -
Many people simply leave the ad and wait for good results. But this does not happen.
After applying the ad, we also have to track our campaign. Based on that, we also have to analyze whether we are working properly. If not, where do we need to make changes. Where things can be improved.
By following these steps properly, you can make your digital marketing campaign successful.
Important notice- If you are doing digital marketing for the first time, do not spend a lot of money in it. It is better to divide your budget into pieces. Such as- 20% for January, 10% for February, 12% for March and so-on. This reduces the risk.

Search engine optimization (SEO) must always be part of your digital marketing efforts. With tailor-fit SEO, you can unlock the huge potential of your business.
Instead of implementing generic SEO solutions, find ways to create unique SEO strategies that work for your business. For example, if you’re operating a local business, you can focus your SEO efforts on the local setting.
Check out the following tailor-fit SEO strategies you might want to consider:
· More Than Good Enough Content: Make sure to create content that’s spelling and grammar error-free and reflects your authority, trustworthiness, and expertise.

· Focus and Improve User Experience: Consumer behavior and user experience (UX) are clear indicators of the best on-site SEO practices.

· Talk about it with your web developer and ensure that your website has fast loading times and user-friendly navigation, which are crucial to successful SEO.
· Focus on Mobile: Aside from usual emails, text messages, and phone calls, mobile devices are also used to access websites for shopping and other business transactions. So, it’s imperative to have a mobile-friendly website to fully maximize from digital marketing benefits to help your business grow.
·  Build Better Relationships with Personalized Email Marketing.

Personalized email marketing drives business growth. It can help you build better relationships with leads or prospects, past customers, and existing customers, giving you a chance to communicate directly to them via their inbox, at their most convenient time.
Here’s how to implement personalized email marketing:
·        Build Your Email List: By collecting the data of your email subscribers using software or app to encourage people to sign up in your newsletter or traditional contact info booths in an industry conference.
·       Write Irresistible Headlines: Take the first five seconds to impress your prospects by writing irresistible headlines. Use power words in your headlines, such as “exclusively,” “limited,” “lifetime opportunity,” and “save.”
·      Encourage Response: You can segment your email list through their demographics so you can create targeted content that would trigger a prompt response.
·      Avoid Spam Emails: Don’t use all caps or bold letters with an exclamation point when writing email headlines. Your email may get filtered and delivered into spam folders instead of the primary inbox.
·        Keep It Short and Interesting: Correct spelling, capitalization, and good grammar are important in crafting emails. Also, use short sentences and paragraphs to make them more digestible.
·        Engage in Prudent Paid Advertising


Today there are many people who are earning good revenues by doing digital marketing. Without a physical office, many people are earning a lot of money just by working from their computers even from home also.

If you want, you can also earn from home by doing digital marketing, but for this, it is important that you first learn and understand  digital marketing well.

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