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Quarantine and Isolation

Quarantine and Isolation

The word quarantine has been included by the Central Government in its advisory amidst the fear of Coronavirus. Quarantine means to isolate a person in places like home, hospital, farm house, hotel. So that the person does not come in contact with the people. During this time, the patient is prevented from coming for 14 days or contacting anyone else. It is also a way of protection against coronavirus.

Quarantine home isolation is required for-
People who have come from Corona infected country, region or city. These people may be healthy, but may have a career or patients with corona virus. They should be examined at the nearest hospital. Its virus can grow for 14 days, so these people need to be an isolate in the house. If the person concerned does not have space for isolation in the house. He can stay at the Quarantine Center or at home Quarantine depending upon the Doctor's advise.

Quarantine and Isolation

What to do when home is isolated?

The period of 14 days is to be spent in the same room.If the family members wanted to meet, they met from a distance of two meters. Apply a quarantine patient mask or handkerchief to the mouth.
Wash hands repeatedly with soapy water. See for yourself the symptoms of corona, is there any symptom developing? If you feel a sore throat, cold-cough, fever, then go to the hospital immediately.
Placing in home isolation or quarantine does not mean that the person concerned is a corona positive or suspected patient. So do not panic. Feel free to say that I am in the quarantine period. Stay away from me.

What happens with Home Isolation?
A person is infected with corona or is in the career stage of the virus. On making such a person's home isolation, there is a severe break of virus infection.

What should family and neighborhood people do?

The person who is placed in the quarantine. Do not be angry with him. It is for our betterment.
Do not harass the person concerned mentally and socially. This is very objectionable.
Do not post a photo on the social media of the person who has a home quarantine board outside the house. Because the person living in the house concerned is under surveillance only. He is not ill.

 What not to do during this time?
Be sympathetic to the person living in the Quarantine. But, do not embrace her in excitement. Do not shake hands.
Suspected patients who are living in rented houses and have been asked to stay in Quarantine, then do not ask the concerned to vacate the house. She is not a patient of AC disease, which spreads through the air.
 Why are quarantines kept in hospitals?
Those who do not have the facility to live in isolation in the house or have doubts about the reliability of the concerned, will not follow the rules of home isolation.

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