key factors to buy laptops for students

Key factors to buy laptops for students


Key factors to buy laptops for students

Whenever we go to pick up Gadgets, we are always in confusion as to what to look for while carrying that stuff, so today I am especially going to tell you that if you want to purchase  a new laptop and want to know that What should you pay attention to while taking a laptop, then you should keep patience  and  read this article completely, because I am going to tell you in detail the laptop buying  suggestions through  this article, and after reading the entire article, you will also get the answer to this question.


What to check for once shopping for a Laptop for Student.

This laptop or say portable computer shopping guide with the cheat sheet shows a number of the key factors that you just got to look out for, that area unit mainly to try and do with technical specifications. However, shopping for personal style additionally plays a vital role while selecting a laptop. So, opt for the most effective portable computer specifications that your budget will handle, but also, be make sure that you get the complete, style and therefore the color that you just want. That method you compromise on nothing: neither portable computer performance nor client service or personal satisfaction.


At Online stores all kinds of laptops are present. If you have good money then you can get a very good laptop in which you can run all kinds of games and software without any hindrance, but if your budget is limited and you are in your limited budget Even if you want to get a good laptop, you can get a good laptop under price range of 30000 to 40000 INR, so let's find out what things you should pay attention to when buying a laptop.


While purchasing a laptop, be it novice student  or Tech savvy, one should focus on following key factors. At the later stage I will explain in details about the key factors.

The key factors are as follows-

Processor, RAM, Storage, Graphics Card, Screen, Operating System, Battery

Let’s discuss about the key factors while choosing the laptop.

1.       Processor-

key factors to buy laptops for students

At present there are two types of processors in the market for regular end users.  AMD and Intel. AMD processors are also good processors which you always get in laptops targeting the low budgeted customers and they are still being used by millions of people. If your budget is within INR 20000, then you probably have to get AMD processors because in such a budget you will have to AMD will be able to get the same and now there are also risen versions of AMD processors which work quite well but if you increase your budget a bit, then you will be able to get a laptop with Intel processor easily.


Now let's talk about Intel processors, which are used by almost 90% of the people because Intel is the best and responsible processor in today's time, but it is not that AMD processors are not good, it's just that if you want to get a good laptop for less money then, AMD is right choice for you because you might not be able to get an Intel processor laptop on a low budget.

Intel also has very different processors i3, i5, i7, i9. These are all different versions of different Intel processors, the more expensive the version, the better the laptop is.

If you want to work in office or want a laptop for normal work at home, then i3 is best for you but to run high power software or games, then you should take i5, i7. You can do all kinds of work in these high processor laptops, but they are priced up to INR 50000-80000 because in these laptops you can run heavy software smoothly without interruption.

Processor does not end here, because now all laptops come with generation, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th here too, the more the generation, the more your laptop works.

The best processor is that the one with the quickest processor speed and therefore the most variety of cores. Selecting between the 2 will be a tough call as both entity measures important to performance. High speed however less cores implies that you'll be able to do fewer tasks, albeit quickly. On the other hand additional cores however lower speed implies that you'll be able to do several tasks, although at a slower pace. When not knowing the way to select a laptop computer, create a choice on cores vs speed, it will be an honest plan to begin from another angle and contemplate the processor variant on provide.


key factors to buy laptops for students

RAM means Random Access Memory. Whenever you run any software, file, the work of RAM is quickly read and write. The better processor and more RAM is, the faster the system works. As a thumb rule, If you are going to get an i3 processor then you must take at least 4GB of RAM and if you want to take i5 then 8GB of RAM would be perfectly fine just as the processor is in generation, in the same way RAM also has DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 are all different genera of RAM and the best DDR4, and DDR5 that work very quickly.


key factors to buy laptops for students

The OS software refers to the platform that permits or facilitates the laptop’s basic functions.

The OS software permits you to speak with or operate the laptop computer. Some operational systems ar simple and straightforward to use whereas others involve a tough curve, however could also be higher suited to pc consultants.

Most of the end users  like to run windows  operating system  very well because we have been working on windows OS  since childhood and the windows operating system is easy to run and easy to understand. Additionally the laptop with windows operating comes with reasonable price.

You may have also noticed that with the same laptop and with Linux operating system, you get a little cheaper price. So if your budget is less, then you can take a laptop without windows (DOS based laptops) and your friends or desktop technicians can install windows OS by itself.

The laptops coming with MAC OS are falling on an expensive side and are designed to perform high end jobs and having additional security features.


The OS that comes loaded on Apple laptops, the MacOS guarantees a simplified computer programme compared to Windows. Further, the software package platform works with the laptop’s hardware seamlessly. Apple, that helms each software package and hardware aspects of the portable computer, will optimize the laptop’s specifications to supply economic integration. Another standout advantage of the MacOS is that the degree and simple multitasking it facilitates. You’ll produce completely different workspaces and organize your work consequently.

4.       STORAGE

key factors to buy laptops for students

So let's talk about storage which is also known as Hard Disk Drive (HDD), we keep a lot of videos, files and photos for which we should have more space so that we can store a lot of our data.

There are two types of storage, HDD and SSD, Hard disk drive is a bit slow which means that read and write takes a bit of time but in this you get a little more capacity, but SSD, Solid state Drive is much faster because all the data transition in it and saves in, so it also gives more durable and more performance, but they are a bit more expensive.

Typically, for a safer side you should go for 128GB SSD as a boot drive as this considerably load times and OS performance. For storage and general functions, a 512GB to 1TB to 2TB regular HDD will meet the requirement.


key factors to buy laptops for students

Graphics cards are not necessary for everyone, it is only necessary for those people who performs a lot of video editing or graphics processing, or if you play very high volume video games, then to meet the requirements you need  graphics card. We must definitely pay attention on the things we do as per our daily need, so that requirement of graphics card can be justified.

Graphics cards also come in RAM such as 2GB, 4GB, you must take a graphics card of at least 2GB as all the load without the graphics card comes on the processor which can cause your laptop to hang.

6.       SCREEN

key factors to buy laptops for students

Nowadays all laptops have screens in HD irrespective of the price tags and LED HD display is enough for laptops, just you have to pay attention that you must take at least 15.6 inch display because 15.6 inch big screen in laptop and makes your work easier and this screen size is liked by almost everyone.

However, what’s normal for the overall public might not be the same for others. For example, entrepreneurs , who want a mix of performance and flexible in movement  could like one thing within the 12-inch to 14-inch phase and skilled gamers could think about the most effective laptop computer screen sizes to be something higher than 17 inches to confirm uncompromised visuals.

7.       BATTERY

key factors to buy laptops for students

Everyone wants to take a laptop because you can work anywhere with a laptop and you do not have any problem of power for 6-8 hours continuously. So you should always check the battery backup of the laptop you are purchasing.

Explore for battery that gives you around five hundred charge cycles and six to eight hours of run time over Wi-Fi. A protracted battery permits you to figure once there’s no power, as you travel or maybe once you forget your charger back reception.


Performance: What performance does one need?

You prepared your mind for purchasing a laptop for a particular purpose be it recreational, business or tutorial. As per your requirement you wish a machine that meets your wants and you don’t want the laptop to under-perform.

To establish performance, 3 factors you should keep on mind are - processor, RAM and storage. A quicker processor means that a lot of computations, higher speed of operations. Larger RAM interprets to raise multitasking skills. SSD storage means that faster reads and writes.


To make things a lot more sensible, let’s draw a clear picture below as per the user’s requirement.

Light use

If your usage majorly includes browsing websites, look videos on-line, staying active on social media platforms and doing lightweight job work, then a budget portable computer with average however tight specifications can serve. Here, laptop having Atom/ Celeron machine with a minimum of 4GB RAM and around 128GB SSD storage ought to match the bill.


Medium use

If you concentrate on that your usage may be a step a lot of intensive, specifications sort of a Core i3 processor with 4GB to 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage ought to serve. A portable computer with this hardware can change you to try to jobs like icon piece of writing, work with multiple windows at the same time, and run semi-demanding workplace programmes.


Heavy and tightened use

If your business demands high performance or if you're an expert gamer, then you would like the specifications to fulfill your wants. Video piece of writing and rendering, operating with sizable amount of pictures, animation and graphic style work or running intensive games need a portable computer that comes with a minimum of Core i7, sixteen to 32GB RAM and a top-end SSD storage unit.



I hope that you must have got the answers of all the questions that how to choose a laptop .The key factors should be taken care of while taking a laptop, I have tried to tell almost every important things here through this blog.


If you still have any questions, then you must ask by commenting .Do not forget to share the article.


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