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Self Help Routine during Quarantine

If you take care of your health during the quarantine period, then you will stay away from the disease. You have plenty of time for this. Along with fitness, you can spend some time in food, books, coding, teach children. During this time, it is important to take care of your food and exercise.

Quarantine's Healthy Plan: 
Mile 1 - Soaked Almonds and Raisins
Mile 2 - Poha by adding peanuts
Mile 3 - Lemon Sorbet
Mile 4 - Pulses, Rice, Pickles
Mile 5 - Fistful of Peanuts
Mile 6 - Gram Flour
Before bedtime - turmeric, jaggery and dry ginger
All traditional recipes increase immunity, whether it is millet raab, dal khichdi or turmeric milk. The most interesting thing is that they are delicious and are effective in dealing with windpipe problems.

Say No to Low Calorie, Low Fat, Low Carb Diet
Do not adopt low calorie, low fat, low carb diets at this time. This will negatively affect our stomach and immune system. Drink plenty of water, eat homemade food. They will keep us strong physically and mentally. This is what we need right now. Do not do dieting at all.

To improve mood, keep this in mind
Constantly staying at home can be frustrating, but there are some foods that improve your mood. Like a handful of peanuts or cashews, a bowl of yogurt or homemade lemonade. If you are at home, then you can make salt like molasses, samosas and kachoris in a week. However, you can cook lentils-rice, homemade pickles, moong or any other sprouted lentils as a vegetable or snack in your daily diet. Gram flour, jowar, ragi or kuttu roti will improve your mood.

Teach kids something new
The tradition of making Laddu, Barfi, Mathri, Papad, Pickle in our homes is the right time to pursue it and teach it to children. Until now there was no threat to it. But we will be the first generation who are not teaching all this to their children. See this 'free time' of crisis as an opportunity and let children experience the joy of cooking, eating, sharing. This is the time when we can establish a bond between the whole family away from the world of WhatsApp, TV. Together with children, we can make Mathri, Shakarpara, Chakli, Chivda, which will keep us healthy.

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